Took shakes. Doesn't work.I want to eat an hour later.

Tastes like crap. Costs too much. Herbalife works better. I'll be going back.

Only reason is my husband ordered this scam product with only 15 grams protein lol.Wal-Mart has better products for 1/3 of the cost...Don't bother! Btw why do you have to have three months of auto ship hmmm if it works, oh yeah because they know it's crap.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Supplement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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The "it works" does not work! Been on it for 2 months and haven't lost a pound. It's a scam!


Yay herbalife... thats what i do !

Keep hearing itworks more ovd5r herbalife so was starting to think maybe I'm missing out but from all the reviews I think I should stay where I'm at dnt want to get stuck with 3 months payments over something that d ont work .. feel bad everyone went through it ...

for everyone alwayssss check reviews before ordering cuz I'm glad I did or I would be in this same mess ... yikes ....

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