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I was not aware of monthly fees such as website and purchasing product each month just so you can get paid. Up lines say it's YOUR business but they try to run it for you by telling you what you have to do.

Also takes money from your "paycheck" for a transfer fee each month. DONT JOIN!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Distributor.

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You don't have to purchase products to get paid, that is for when you don't have any customers in the beginning and you want to get fast start qualified for the $100 bonuses. When you sign up you have the option of doing auto ship and it clearly tells you that is what you are paying for.

Before you hit submit it also tells you that you will be charged $20 a month for the website, which is cheap when you do the research on how much websites actually cost (it cost my husband over $300 a year to run his and he wasn't even making money).

It sounds like the person who signed you up didn't not explain things very well.



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