I was a distributor and was never told about the esuit charge! Cancelled my distributor account 3 months ago and had to call today because they kept pulling $20 out of my account and will only refund me for this months charge.

I don't recommend anyone to become a customer or a distributor for this company. I've had multiple problems and this is the only issue they resolved for me (a whole $20). Being a customer for years with them and they can't accommodate me for $60 for the cancellation I did months ago! Quit frankly I don't have anything nice to say about this company!

As a distributor it pissed me off to hear you have to have 4 loyal customers to even get any money out of them!

WASTE OF TIME PEOPLE, don't be a DISTRIBUTOR!!!! It'll save you problems and surprises if you don't!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: Fort Garland, Colorado

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I see a huge issue with a company that says, you need 4 loyal customers to even make a cent with us! No thank you.

I had 3 loyal customers for 3 months and received not one dime. I still needed that 4th, that's ridiculous if you ask me.


So you were a customer for years but can't cough up $20 for a website. Do you think that you can just sit around and not do anything and still make an income?

That makes no sense. It's your business, treat it like one.


Who wants to waste $20 on a website that no one even said that they would take out money for every month, I'm complaining about the fact I was unaware...MIND YOUR OWN!!! :)


Agreed. Its not worth it.

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