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I have a friend who I supported when got into this company as a distributor. I don't feel like she was fair to me with it.

I wanted to help her, but I couldn't get out of my "autoship" in month 2 and I was really short on funds when my order ran. I asked if I could delay it a couple of days until payday and she said that wasn't allowed. She offered no help and no solution. Quite frankly I probably would have saved money by purchasing once as a retail customer.

To make matters worse, she and her direct sponsor both ganged up on me and verbally bashed my choice to go with another side biz that I had been looking into for months rather than joining It Works. Both said my choice was not a good company that I should do my research. And she wasn't allowed to support my company because we have some of the same products. Maybe similar products but hers don't do what mine do and vice versa.

For them to bash MY personal decision to join a different company rather than their team was wrong. There are so many options and what's a good fit for one person might not be a good fit for someone else. My mom is the one who wanted me to join what I did. She wasn't a consultant at that time, but she wanted the products.

And I had already been looking into it well before my friend joined her little biz. As a supporting friend and fellow independent consultant knowing how likes and comments help boost your business posts on social media, I will always like or comment on her posts. So she knows I'm supportive. She won't ever like my stuff.

It's a "rival" company.

It would look bad for her potential customers if she supported other product/friends who had other stuff. It's people like THAT who make me never want to use these products again!

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1264470

Sounds like you were just stuck with a bad friend/ distributor, not the company. You absolutely can delay your autoship and we also can chose to support friends that are with competing companies.

I most certainly do.

Sorry this was the experience you had with IWG because that is certainly not how we work. Best of luck in your new business endeavor!

to Anonymous Franklin, Tennessee, United States #1264472

Yes. This is true. I've since found out one of my best friends is a distributor so I'll gladly support her.

Miss Betsy

Come back in 6 months and let us know how your choice of business worked out.

to Anonymous #1263532

I can already tell you I LOVE my business! It's been a HUGE blessing for my family!

to ***edfriend74 Marietta, Georgia, United States #1263600

What business are you with?

to Anonymous #1263627

I'd prefer not to go public on this post. If you'd like to leave your contact info for me I can contact you

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