Easley, South Carolina
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I was a distributor for a year. When I was up for renewal, I decided not to renew and made sure to cancel all of my autoshipments, esuite, and social media trainings.

However, I am still being charged $20. I cant even log in to the esuite back office to double check because they want $35 to do so. Ridiculous!

Extremely upset about this. I spent over $3000 with this company trying to make " it work" for my family and it was a total rip off!

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Please email me at info@stephensbell.Com I am considering filing a suit against this company but I want to collect more information.Thanks


Call customer service you failed to properly turn the eSuite off they will turn it off for you.

Helpful tip to anyone who wants to quit or upgrade to a DT call customer service to do it, if it's their fault they'll correct it. But if you do it yourself and you don't actually turn it off properly they are limited on how they can assist because it's your error, wether you want to admit it or not.


"Properly turn off the esuite." Point proven! Thank you!


Yeah as in you didn't do it and are now blaming the company for your own doing.

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