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A few months ago I was signed on by a TOP EARNER named Christina Watts. Never heard from her again once she had my credit card and social.

She pawned me off onto one of her "leaders" who didn't once message me. On her "team" page all I saw were delete and block this person or that person to protect your business. The comments were snarky and rude. It was like a mean girls club!

And she thought it was funny! I sent her a message after my first month asking why she didn't tell me I had an auto ship of over $100 and a website fee. I still haven't heard from her!

She lied and tears down people left and right.

I think she and her sister Jennifer are disgusting. I'm quitting and recommend anyone not to get involved with these rude women.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I wouldn't put it past them to do that. They just want your money.

Whatever helps their paycheck get bigger they don't care. I was a distributor also and they didn't help. Oh, and that Kortney Lavey chick is a brat also. She really don't want to help you if you aren't making her money.

She acts so sweet on social media but the biggest brat. All these girls just want you to sign up so they can get rich off of you.

I hope they go out of business soon. Make your own products to get rich instead of relying on someone else's products.


I am apart of her team so many branches down the tree, however I am apart of her personal Distributor groups and such. I feel extremely sad that this was your experience, as we as a team work very hard to give a great experience and customer service.

I hope you may continue your adventure. always remember you can start over under a new leader that can give you the support you need to jump start your business, or Loyal Customer program.


I just started with itworks April 4th. But on a different "team".

They should've told you about the web site fee but if you have customer you don't get charged that and you can change your auto ship to nothing. If you dont want one.

If you want to stay in the business and give it a try let me know I'll see if you can switch who your upline is. I'm sorry that happened to you.

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