This is a joke!

I have lost so much money and time in this!!

I signed up thinking I would make my money back nope I only made $20 and I put in $700!! Not to mention my customers did too!! I email it works and I don't get anything back!!

I would like my money back!!

I am never going to do this again!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: Cicero, Illinois

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I agree! It's like a cult I swear!!

Unless you are a stay at home "mama" spitting out babies while your husband makes all the money, you don't have a chance in this business! I WENT through all my family and friends too..also spied out people's IG and Fb which mortified me because it's so predatory!

Your upline only helps you when you are making them

Money! Frustrated and quit!


My problem is why are all the diamond+ leaders who are pulling in these large income earnings per month eligible for these bonuses as well? Don't they already make enough? Give the little guy some incentive to stick with this company before it sucks every last dime of savings from these people.


Any money-making opportunity that relies on you recruiting others into the same scheme in order to make any money is automatically a waste of time, unless you are very high up on the pyramid. Pyramid is the operative word here!


This is why I got out. Ended up spending more than I was making.

It's sad.

I don't like the fact that if you get a bonus, you can have taken away from you. How are people supposed to repay that?


Sales must be really slacking to be offering all these promos and offering people to get back their bonus if they lost during the summer which Mark said himself lacked sales during the summer. Majority of these bonuses are offered over a 25 month period because they know people will loose them eventually.

Now I read he is offering to help pay for people's one ticket!? Desparate much!? Also, if you looked at people's entries for the 10k, the majority of them were only signing up one distrubitor and customer which is bad.

That is telling you people are not really buying. The majority of their sales probably come from their distributors for the monthly website fee, autoshipment, and buying products to up their own sales to get commission.

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