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Im very pissed . I bought from a new distributor.

Told me 3mo was cheaper so i did it which i usually dont buy anything never have the $ but thought id try it. Asked if i could cancel at any time was told yes. No mention of a fee to cancel. I ordered in jan after the first mo because of financial burden i had to cancel was told it was.

In march i was charge an my account overdrawn. I call explained everything they didnt care an wouldnt cancel or refund me was told i had an agreement however i didnt agree to anythin not knowin everything i didnt place the order nor did i sign anything . Wanted me to basiclly throw my friend the distributor under the bus with complaints. Im sick of the rich screwing the poor they coukd care less that people r workin an struggling to pay bills or buy food just tryin to survive.

Id love for em to change places with us poor country folks just to see what its like to see how we live an how stressful it is just to keep a roof over r heads which is gettin harder to do.While them an their families r liven it up off of other people they could see how hard it is just to survive so while they r given their kids everything they want us an r 6 will continue to work an struggle but we r honest an would never cheat anyone. Ill never buy anything else or trust my bank card wiyh another company ill never recomebd this company to anyone ill let em know just how they do business. I have basiclly come to really really dislike people the rich that r over companies . Iv never seen one that dont rip people off.

I just wanted my grocery $ back . Ull be glad to know that was what that $ u took was for an overdrawn my account for leaven us nothin

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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