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Wow. First of all if you sign up for something ONLINE with out knowing all terms and conditions you are an ***!!

Second if you give someone your credit card information or put in your own credit card without knowing the terms and conditions you are an ***! Third the company and the products say "results may very" I'd you don't understand that you are an ***!! Fourth if you eat pizza and doughnuts, ice cream sit on your *** and watch Netflix while taking the product you will never see results and you are an ***! Fifth these products are to help you get healthy, take away lose skin, and help with weight loss.

If you don't do YOUR part you are an ***! Sixth no one makes you sign up for anything or forces you to try anything so stop blaming others!

Seventh you are just an *** and you people are what's wrong with our society. Keep your credit card and stop signing up for stuff when your too lazy to research and read the terms!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Cream.

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Beautifully said! I really like this!


You sound real *** calling people names. And if you're calling yourself being sarcastic with learn how to spell! And know when to use "very" and "vary"!


Soooo basically you are just blaming people for being *** funny you Brenner said if the product worked but hey I'm just a ***


this is awesome! thank you!!!!


And if you fall for the It Works pyramid scheme and truly believe it actually does anything at all, even with diet and exercise (hint: it doesn't, it's just the diet and exercise getting the results), you're not an ***, but simply an ***.


Well said!


Ha, nice rant....but ur use of the word ***, made u look like a big ***!!

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