Terrible customer service, I asked the distributer if they would buy back my 3 un-opened bottles of fatfighter and she keeps giving me excuses after excuses. Then I tried the main company and they brushed me off as well. Not a very good company to doing business with and not very ethical in their business practices.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Unless they've changed the return policy since I stopped working for their customer service department (around October 2016, IIRC), they DO take back unopened products, they just have to be mailed back within 30 days of the purchase date. Depending on the circumstances we could sometimes get it extended. I don't know if the new customer service department in the Phillipines ever grants exceptions like that, however.


You need to call them back because they would not refund my money back because I opened the bottle of vitamin pills which cause me severe stomach pain and nausea. An agent told me I cannot get a refund because I opened the bottle; if I hadn't, they would have refunded my money. So, I said if I had received all 3 bottles and never opened them, you would have given me my refund for all 3 bottles,,,she replied "yes." I repeated this 3 times, each time she said "yes."


Well Sue, whom ever you spoke to is not telling you something. They told me they wouldn't buy back my un-opened bottles on no uncertain terms.

I was trying to doing something nice for a family member in buying the crap and she wasn't obligated to buy them back either. The whole company and it's practices are phony at Best!


Why do u want a refund if u never even used them... Why even buy them duhhhh ***


Well to your Rude remark, I was doing something nice for a family member that was trying to sell them. I sent her over $120 for all 3 bottles plus shipping.

She then told me that she wasn't obligated to buying them back as she was no longer with the company.

Just another excuse. I will never buy anything from family or friends if they don't have a return policy that they adhere to.


My guess is that you're not old enough to remember the Tylenol Massacre in Chicago back in the early 80's.

I wouldn't take ingestible chemicals back as a return either. Those seals are very easy to break-and-fake and only Heaven knows what could happen.

I doubt that you have ever intentionally poisoned a group of strangers, but that's one reason they won't accept returns.

Neither will reputable pharmacies. You touch it, you own it.


I've never broken the seal on any of these bottles. Smitty.

No! I don't intentionally poisen people!

I've been able to tell my pharmacy about giving me too many perscriptions and they've never had a problem with me bringing anything back.

No! I'm not devulgeing who I shop with.

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