Signed up as a loyal coustmer thinking it was a good deal. First off products i bought was same price as what it would be if i bought from an individual so it wasnt cheaper.

Secondly shipping is crazy and you wait about 7 days to get it. Third, i done 4 wraps and got no results so i done the cleanse and after i finished it i woke up throwing up and felt gutted. I lost weight but only from throwing up etc.

Feels like have a flu and virus at the same time. I am getting out of it works as soon as i do my last shipment.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Cleanser.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hey Just wondering did anyone using this toner get lots more acne cause I've been using it for about half a month give or take and my face has gotten super oily and I broke out every where with large painful pimples and red flakey spots on my face and I've never had any of these issues before


Were you able to have a BM with the cleanse? Did you eat healthy or doing tons of water?

Only asking because I just finished my 2 day cleanse with no BM and feeling bloated. I'm scared of getting sick :'(


I thought maybe I was the only one. But, i also felt extremely bloated and did not have any BM.

I felt worse after the cleanse. I did as directed and drank lots of water.

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