I bought the "triple threat" combo of the greens, fat fighter and thermofit. After a couple days of taking them as directed I noticed my *** were burning like if I had eaten spicy food when I hadn't. I let it slide and thought I must have eaten something weird. Next thing I know, after a week and a half of taking these products there is quite a bit of blood in my stool and bowel movements became painful. I immediately stopped taking them.

As the other reviews have said, customer service told me I need a doctor's note faxed to them to avoid paying the $50 cancellation fee. Which is absolutely ludicrous. I have stopped taking the products, by the time I get in to see a doctor my symptoms will have likely subsided and then what? My doctor just writes a note anyway? I explained that to them and they didn't care. Guess you have to be hospitalized for them to give a ***.

On top of that, I was eating less than 1400 cal a day, working out for a minimum of 2 hours (strength and cardio) 6 days a week, and drinking at least a gallon of water a day. Still, I gained 2 lbs in the week and a half I was on these products. So they didn't even do what their advertisement says.

I am normally very active and I love working out. Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle pretty bad about 6 weeks ago and it took me out of commission for a while and I gained about 7 lbs as a result. I'm getting married in December so I wanted to try a little kickstarter to get me back in the groove as I ease back into the gym to get in shape for the big day.

I have been off the products for 4 days now and I am already down 5 lbs from when I stopped taking them. Definitely not a coincidence. These are a SCAM.

The only reason I tried these and not anything else is because a friend of mine just started selling the stuff and I wanted to help her out while also getting something I wanted anyway. I told her about my issues with the product and she tried to resolve it for me but customer service told her the same thing.

Moral of the story, do RESEARCH before trying any product. I usually do that and this time I did not. Huge mistake. There are LOTS of bad reviews for this stuff and I wish I had read them before I wasted my money.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $114.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Everett, Washington

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Yes, your doctor writes a note anyway and faxes it in to the company. The reason It Works requires a doctor's note to waive both the membership fee and the 3-month autoship is because a lot of people claim that they had a reaction of some kind to the products, when in fact they're lying through their teeth trying to weasel out of their Loyal Customer Agreement.For the record, I'm just stating the facts, this isn't an attempt to accuse you of lying to get out of completing the LCA.


If you research the ingredients that are on the product label on the website it the thermo fit contains Capsimax (redhot pepper blend) a natural way to boost your metabolism. Its not fair to blame the company if you didn't research what you are putting into your body.


Wow! How terrible!

And them needing a doctor's note?! How unprofessional! Especially, for a business such as this.

The only thing I tried was a Body Wrap which I purchased straight from a friend. And I saw absolutely no results and I followed the instructions to a T!

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