I bought, only because my daughter is selling, the package with the wrap, detox, vitamins, and Greens. I used the wraps on my thighs. The package had 4 so I did this twice. My skin looked very nice afterwards, I believe because it is a good moisturizer, nothing more. I lost no weight on this "program" maybe because I can't stand the taste of the "greens". The powder is green but called Berry flavored. I have NEVER tasted a berry as sweet as this stuff. Only crushed sugar cubes could compete! I finally gave up.

I called to cancel the $147 auto-ship but was informed that doing that would cost me $50!!!!

I wish to God i had never heard of this stuff. My experience is that it DOES NOT work, and it's expensive!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Store Location: Marshfield, Wisconsin

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Also greens can be mixed into juice . I do that often and receive great results.


does youe daughter make money selling though


The wraps are NOT meant for weight loss, they're meant to tighten tone and firm skin. The greens are also not a weight loss supplement-they are for detoxification and alkalinizing your body, and some report having more energy. You wouldn't take a multivitamin and write a bad review that it didn't work because that's not what they're for, if weight loss was your goal your daughter should have had you try fat fighters or the Thermofit and then your complaint would be more valid.


Thanks for being so honest. I have to say I honestly do not know why people think they can use a product of any kind and think that they will instantly lose weight, get rid of wrinkles over night?


You want to lose weight get off your lazy butts and exercise!


And how do fat fighters scientifically cause weight loss?

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