People keep asking if people want free wraps and when you say you do they tell you you have to buy a kit for $99. To me thats unfair.

If they are gonna offer free wraps thats how it should be. No strings attached. Just for people to try.

What if your a struggling mom who has no income and has alot on her plate but she just wants to try a wrap? Thats it.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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So, you are a mother who wants something for nothing? Nowhere in the presentation of the product they said you would have to pay????

Or did they say with the 99 dollar purchase you get so many extra? They didn't get the product for free, wWHY should they give them away?


To try a wrap it only cost $25. If you like it and want to try more you can become a loyal customer and buy a pack of four for $59.

Whoever told you anything about $99 was trying to convince you to become a distributor of the products.

If you are interested in trying a few products I'd be glad to help you. Find me on FB.


Put less on your plate and go for walks!


Then you shouldn't be wasting your money on anything and maybe go for a run !


You're an ***


its called bait and switch.....old sales tactic.


Let them know your interested in hosting a party and invite friends. They will bring the supplies, all you have to do is invite other people you believe might be interested in the products or the business opportunity. You should be able to get a free wrap to try just for hosting.


Oh you mean work for it. Now that's an idea.

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