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Omg.... I am shaking.

I canceled my autoship... It works just took $110 from our bank account. I received no emails saying my autoship was going to happen like I had in the past and no message saying the order would ship soon, I just woke up this morning to one saying it had shipped. I called customer service, they conveniently have no record of my cancellation and did not give a *** that they have just taken Christmas away from my family....

They say once I get the shipment and return in to them they will process a refund within 10 days. So sometime after new year's I will get most of my money back... Then he asked me if I wanted to do the customer satisfaction survey.... After confirming that yes, he was serious, I agreed to do it..

Tried to answer 1/5 for the first question, they said that was an invalid entry and my survey would not be submitted, then it hung up on me... Still zero results from the products.... I've wasted so much money we can't afford to lose and I have nothing to show for it, and now I am not even sure how to make Christmas happen...

I feel like such an ***. Have to go tell my husband how badly I've *** things up, hope he is OK with spaghetti instead of turkey....

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This is horrible! Try calling your bank or credit card company and tell them it's an unauthorized charge. You may get you money returned sooner.


This is a fantastic idea! Thank you!


Omg this happened to me today and they didn't tell me it would take 10days they told me it would 30 days I'm to panicking over Xmas now this is fair and I hate that they have no heart or care for the consumer

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