Sacramento, California

I thought I'd help out a friend when she started being a distributor for 'ItWorks.' She was bombarding fb and other social media with dozens of testimonials of how well the products worked. I couldn't afford the wraps, which I still can't, so decided to try WOW.

I tried it the minute I opened the box. I was so excited. No change in my wrinkles. What I did notice was how dry it made the areas of my face where I had applied it.

And after about an hour those areas were flaky and gross. I asked my friend about it and she said "yeah, that's happens with some people" and didn't get any help after that. Then a few weeks later I got an email from ItWorks telling me about my auto shipment. I was never informed about the autoship.

When I asked her about it she said she thought she had told me. Because she's a friend I trusted her and didn't read every word of the fine print, that was my fault. I've tried a few other ItWorks products waiting for my contract to run out and none of them worked either.

Such a waste of money.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am so sorry you were misinformed! There are several other cheaper products itworks sells that are used for the same result!

Feel free to contact me for more info! Again, very sorry for the bad experience!


Thanks......been wondering myself about products and whether or not I should try it. You just saved me a bunch of money I was prepared to invest in these products.

Think I will try Bentonite Clay.

Reviews on it are soooo much better!! And it's just $4.98 a pound!

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