In March, some of the it works distributors followed me on Instagram and messaged me and asked would I like to do a 90 day weight loss challenge. And of course my dumb tail agreed to do it.

At first, I felt skeptical about it because she offered me to do the greens with the thermofit and it was very expensive! I am am a college student and I can't afford just to buy expensive products! I just told her I would do the thermofit since it boosted metabolism and helped with weight loss. First month, didn't really get any results, second month, i still looked about the same!

Third month probably took 10 pills and then threw the bottle away. I sent her pictures and she was like omg that's so good. I know good and well she was lying because I barely lost any weight! Checked the scale each month, apparently I was gaining weight, not losing it!

The pills tasted so nasty! After my three months she insisted I should be a distributor. I did my research and read all the things that she did not tell me beside the $99 start up fee and told her I was no longer interested. She kept encouraging me and guilt tripping me into becoming a distributor so she can get more money.

This past Friday she message me again after telling her no! That she think I would be the greatest seller! I was literally so mad. I read online of all these horrible reviews and how it is all scam.

I don't want no part of that scheme! Also I want to delete my loyal customer account but I don't know how to. Which sucks. I removed all my credit card information just incase they try to steal from me again.

I will no longer be buying from this company.

The distributors lie, and try to guilt trip into joining their team! And their products all taste like crap and smells like ***

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Ultimate Thermofit Supplement.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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