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It simply doesn't work... there is lead in the products.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Distributor.

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There's no more lead in the products than there is in the produce at your local grocery store. You'd be surprised how many food items and other products have lead in them, and it's all because there's trace amounts of lead present in the soil used to grow the ingredients.

Plants having tiny amounts of lead and other similar minerals that they've absorbed from the soil is pretty much unavoidable, but unless the area that the plants are being grown in has been heavily saturated with the stuff it's still well below the FDA guidelines for what's safe to consume.

Seriously, these plants have so little lead in them that you'll die from other complications caused by severe over-eating LONG before you start suffering the effects of lead poisoning.The only reason It Works products (as well as MANY PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN GROCERY STORES THAT PEOPLE HAVE NO ISSUE WITH) have a lead warning on them is because the state of California decided to implement Proposition 65, a "right-to-know" law that requires companies to label their products with warnings of things like lead and other minerals/chemicals that are known to be hazardous if the products contain more than a specified amount of it. The Prop 65 guidelines are set up to require a warning if the recommended daily usage of a product would put you above .5 micrograms of lead in a single day, compared to the 75 micrograms/day limit set by the FDA.

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