Vicksburg, Mississippi
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I was really interested in trying the wraps, but the distributor I contacted encouraged me to try the loyal customer program. I told her I really didn't want to spend over $100 a month.

She suggested I do the 3 month program (the 90 day challenge). She told me the first month would be $135, the second month $62, and the third month $104 (I still have the Facebook messages to confirm what I'm saying). So, the first month, I was charged $144.45, which is almost $10 more than she quoted me. I got over it and started trying the products, which were the greens, vitamins, and the "regular" product.

None of them did anything for me, but I was excited about the second month. On the second month, I was charged $144.45 AGAIN (NOT $62!!) and was shipped THE EXACT SAME THING. So instead of getting thermofit and fat fighters, like I was told, I got the same shipment and was charged the same thing. About that time, my credit card expired.

I didn't update it because I was so frustrated. My distributer kind of blew me off and was like, "you can order the wraps now if you'd like." Umm, no thank you.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $289.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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You have to go in your site yourself and change the order monthly.

There is tax and shipping until the 3rd month when shipping becomes FREE.

Our products DO WORK if you take them consistently as with anything else in life. Your DT should have gone over these things with you.

Too bad you did not make the 3rd month as a LC and use your Perk points. Try the Wraps as they R awesome, dont miss out bc of misunderstanding w your DT!!!


did the wraps ever end up working for you? also was she a local distibutor from vicksburg?


as a loyal customer with it works you have access to change your autoshipments at anytime


OMG! They AUTOSHIP all day and can control that but you have to control the payment!


No wonder they target new moms with these wraps, because they know that chances are new moms will be less likely to log on and change autoship and or more than likely to forget a password because of hectect schedules! Some nice religous folks here (itworks global) smh


I am a it works global distributor. Please do not let one person ruin the name.

I am well connected to all my loyal customers. I let them know them know the count down until their auto shipment. I ask them do they need me to change the date or change the product. Some people are just income driven and give us a bad name.

I love to help people so that is my main focus. I ask my customers what are they have goals.

I sit with them and come up with a plan and I do not leave anything out. This is why because one person and mess it up for somebody that is doing it right


If you love to help people, become a social worker. You'll make more money and you won't have to do be associated with a shady company. Oh, but that's right, then you wouldn't have as much "freedom, flexibility, and fun!" because you'd have to show up for a job like the rest of us do.


You need to go into your account and change your auto ship yourself. Your distributor does not have control of your account - YOU do.


So sorry u just got the wrong DT. I would b happy to wrap you for 25.00 which is 5 off regular retail.

Just one wrap so u could try them.



You have to change you're autoshipments that's why you got charged 144 again.


I'm a distributor and I'd be more then happy to help you out. That's not how auto ship works.

You can change your order every month and there's no minimum on what you spend. Sorry you were misguided


sorry? that doesn't help the aggravation you put people through, 30 mins on customer hold, hung up, who knows how long it could have been.

wrote 2 emails to discontinue, with id#s the works, still trying to charge me. get me the heck out of your system, I don't trust you guys.

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