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I ordered your product for the cleanse. When I received the product, I discovered that one of the ingredients was Aloe Vera leaves.

I am unfortunately highly allergic to Aloe Vera. So I had to return this product for a refund.

The order number was 77793116. The total was $40.95 and I returned the product to your company. I noticed that I had to pay for shipping and handling out of my refund when I returned your product.

The shipping and handling was $13.90. I really do not think I should have not bern charged for this cost because it is not my fault that I am allergic to your product.

Really I have completely cancelled my subscription altogether. Just in the future you should have something in place to ask or notify your customers who have allergies what the product ingredients contains.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Cleanse Supplement.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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But you should have read about the cleanse before you purchased. Take some ownership! One of the first things it says is Aloe Vera!


It's not the company's responsibility to make sure that people are checking the publicly-available ingredients list to make sure that it doesn't have a product they're allergic to.


I had a member of the team reach out and ask if I would by product from them but when I asked about ingredients for my allergy concerns they wouldn't tell me anything. I tried researching and actually couldn't find the information I needed about the 'publicly-available' ingredients.

I had this problem with 5 different It Works people who contacted me. None of them would tell me anything.

It's not a customer issue. Its a company issue.

@Frustrated Bystander

Yes, because the large "View Product Info" button is so well-hidden on the page when you click on a given product...

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