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I apologize on behalf of other Itworks Direct sales persons and their knowledge of being a Loyal customer with Itworks!

Two ways to order retail or loyal customer (save) earn $ BACK AFTER 3 MONTHS AND NO SHIPPING COSTS

Loyal Customer Program option you choose to save $

try ANY Itworks product lines for 3 months, Minimum of 1 product each month for 3 consecutive months, for instance order wraps $59 plus tax n shipping,1st month than monitor to order a second month product like Fat Fighters $23 tax and shipping, every product is priced differently, you choose the product,you monitor your own products with password, monitor account with bank account information,withdrawals and shipment dates! After 3 months is up You have the option to cancel! If you do not cancel or modify as you like card on file will be charged

Plus Itworks has the Perk Point system with every product you order you earn 10% back which gets added right to your account. After 3 months ordering

6 months ordering company gives 50 perk points (equals to $50 dollars to spend FREE (loyal customers only)

1 yr ordering company gives 150 perk points $150

lots of benefits where NO ONE else gives back to you

so with every complaint their are two sides of stories

for instance: You purchase a product you have no idea what it will do for you you dont like it that store or online sales person will not give you $ back if opened but testimonials are our way to say these products do WORK! Products work individually persons work different for all. pros and cons to every consumer in this direct sales world thank you for reading independent contractor and sales person of itworks and learner carrie

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Rewards Program.

Store Location: Bentleyville, Pennsylvania

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thank you for this!

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