Austin, Minnesota
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After seeing tons and tons of people promoting It Works! I decided to give the cleanse a try.

I was charged for it on March 15 and I still haven't received it. I have already been charged again for another one. I contacted the chick I went through and all she did was give me the number for customer service. I really just want to cancel it all but that would cost $50, which doesn't make sense.

I wasn't told about the Member fee being waved by signing up for auto shipment. I don't even want the products anymore... I was even going to *** the bullet and pay the *** $50 to cancel it but then it wouldn't let me. I have to contact customer service but all I do is get put on hold..

This has definitely been a learning experience.

Don't trust these types of companies. They're all scams.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

It Works Pros: How nice they are while pushing 10 products on you.

It Works Cons: Take your money but do not fullfill their commitment, Deception, Customer service.

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The cleanse is a super popular product which puts it on back order a lot!! Unfortunately with it being on back order they can't ship it until it is off of back order and back in stock!

I always check a product before people purchase and inform them if that product is on back order because of this exact issue!!! Also calling and dealing with customer service unfortunately CAN be a hassle which is why I alays call for my customers I never have them call themselves unless they absolutely have to!

I'm so sorry you are having a negative experience! A lot of it sounds like you aren't being guided properly andunfortunately that happens a lot because thereally are a lot of people just in it for the money and not for the customer themselves!


It sounds to me like you got someone unwilling to help. Don't blame the whole company for a couple of bad apples.

If my customers have an issue I do my best to help them solve it.

And if I have to calk customer service myself I will. Not all of us are bad and out to screw people over.


I talked to 4 different people, two at the call center and two local girls that sell it. No one helped. This company is *** I'm not the only person I know that has been completely screwed over either.


Hope this has been resolved! I know it just came off back order!

:) the wait is so worth it!

Be sure to drink plenty of water with the cleanse (half your body weight in oz) the results are amazing! I lost 5 lbs in the 2 days!


The cleanse was on back order for over a month. It will come. It's Def not a scam I can promise


And if you ordered the cleanse, it takes a few weeks. It's been on backorder.

I ordered mine March 12 and I think I got it around April 12 or so.

At least I lost 3 lbs after drinking it! :)


There's definitely a hold for customer service. You can get a response usually by the next day if you go to your page and click on support.

It's called submitting a ticket.

I'm so sorry you had a bad experience! I promise we aren't all like that!

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