Urbandale, Iowa
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I was previously an ItWorks loyal customer but my lady stopped selling the product so I switched to a different distributor. I had to start my loyal membership all over again, going through the whole 3 months of paying shipping, etc.

It was a complete rip off and customer service would not refund my shipping despite already being a loyal customer for years. This is THE worst company I have ever worked with.

PLUS shipping takes over 2 weeks. They have zero customer service skills and makes me wonder what kind of company they really are if they are that quick to rip a LOYAL customer off

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $21.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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The WORST bitchiest customer service I have ever received. Highly unprofessional service.These people really think too much of themselves and need a lesson in customer service.


Same thing happened to me. I changed distributors and had to start all over again which I think is very unfair.


That's because you have to cancel your account and reenroll to go under someone new. So yes, you have to start fresh with a new account.

No, customer service won't break policy for you. Everyone who makes the choice to cancel their account forfeits all progress made on the account. With doing this, you agree to start over. And to whoever suggested that if you wanted to go under a new distributor that they should have suggested you keep your same account, that person doesn't know what they're talking about.

You can only change your placement within 48 hours of you enrolling.

After that, if you want to switch, you have to cancel and start anew. New account, new agreement, and you have to complete three consecutive months of autoships to earn your shipping perk on any Loyal Customer account, whether you had an old account or not.


If a distributor stops selling it, it does not effect your account. If you wanted to work with another distributor they should have suggested you keep your same account because thays what itworks advices us to do.

We are one team one mission and should be helping anyone using the products who needs it. Or of we can help them atleast connect them to the person responsible for all the person who quits customers.

Your account is your account no matter who u originally ordered from.


They would not let me keep using my account with a different distributor. I wanted to help out a friend who was selling it by transferring my existing account (with the lady who no longer sold) to her who did sell and they would not let me do that without starting over.


My shipping has never been longer than 5 days, I'm not sure why it is taking so long for yours to come in. I do know if someone stops selling it rolls over to their up line and you shouldn't have to cancel and restart it.

When you resigned up did it tell you that email address was already associated with a Loyal Customer account? That's very strange :(


This doesn't make sense. When a distributor stops, all the customers are rolled up to their upline.

Was never a need to cancel and restart. I agree that they need to get faster shipping, growing pains.

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