I started taking the hsn pills about two months ago and I was ok at first my nails have always grown really fast so I saw no change in that my hair looked a little longer not a whole lot and really didn’t notice anything in my skin.. so I started noticing that my face was heavily breaking out (which is not common for my I have very clear skin) and I looked at my pictures and decided it started breaking out right after I started taking these pills so I stopped taking them and within 3 days my skin has already started to clear back up..

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Hair Skin Nails Supplement.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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First of all, it takes at least 3 months on ANY product to notice significant results. The breakouts are most likely toxins being removed from your body, due to good nutrition.

Everyone is different, but breakouts are USUALLY a sign of detoxing. Too bad you didn't stick with it.

I've been using the HSN and have notice much healthier skin, hair and nails. My nails have always been strong, but now they are smooth,.

My hair is longer and grows really fast.. down to my waist now... and I've noticed some hair filling in that was lost.

Not nice to post things like this when is different.

Every product does not work the same for EVERYONE. EVERYONE I know, that has used the It Works products have really like them.


Detoxing is a myth and a scam. Look it up. There isn't any scientific basis for the fad of detoxing.


Detoxing is not a scam. Detoxing a process the body undergoes when it is given a boost of adequeate nutrition and anti-oxidants that it is not readily used to. The skin will break out when the body is being detoxed - as the skin is the body's largest organ - what's going on, on the inside, will show on the outside.

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