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I'm not fond of pyramid schemes, anyway, but at least MaryKay encourages quality customer service. I couldn't get any information from my IW distributor about what the product is made of, HOW it works, if it truly is healthy, whether the results were just from products or also from diet & exercise, whether the lotion would be ok on sensitive skin, how to use the wrap, etc. She gave me even less information than you would expect from someone who sells the product. I had to Google videos after I got the wrap from her, because she handed it to me and quickly ushered me out without telling me how to use it. IW tells their distributors they can make hundreds of dollars per month by just posting on FB. It'd be nice if they gave their customers the time of day, too, considering what an investment it is to purchase these "mystery products."

- Had to chase distributor all over town while she was running errands to buy wrap from her

- She is now shipping, so I tried again; tracking info still says "label printed" after a week

- Had to become "loyal customer" (auto-ship or donate $50) to get the discount she was advertising

- Constantly bombarded by ItWorks spam online

- Wrap didn't work... we'll see about the greens, if I ever receive them

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

It Works Cons: Wasting my time, Misleading results and customer requirements, Poor customer service.

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I am so sorry you've had a negative experience! How did greens work for you? If you have an questions feel free to comment them and I'll answer best as I can!


Maybe you should look for a different distributor instead of bashing the company as a whole. Sounds like a customer that would bash Walmart because they ran out of milk and wasn't promised a gallon once the were shipped... there's problems with everyone according to everyone around.


Ok can you explain how it works and what is in it? If it's truly safe or do you just put anything on or in your body without knowing?

Consumers have a right to question this. Sorry we won't just give you our money for nothing.


Hey hun! I'm an independent distributor with itworks, and I can answer all your questions no problem!

Just simply text 864-760-7376 if your serious about getting your questions answered!

Unlike other distributor I only care about getting you results, I can care less about the money. But I'd love to anwser an questions you have!!


Well I think a man must be running g this business. It is a pyramid scam.

Who thinks a woman is going to spend alot of money on a product.

And it doesn't work.and you can return it.but if you tried it. They won't refund your money. And if you don't get 3 mo in auto ship, your distributor loses money. So it's like a donating factor.

No company in their right mind operates like this.

At least with wen and meaningful beauty. Which it works is trying to be. You can return products with them.

So why does it works, think they are so high and mighty. Reslky.

Can't exchange or returns. Bend over.

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