My problem is not with the products. My problem is with the customer service.

The distributor, from whom I bought my products, sent me a passive aggressive text message when I asked her if she could work with me (I must admit, my request was a bit outrageous, but instead of suggesting another, more reasonable option, she sent the passive aggressive text with a bunch of exclamation points and a smiling emoji and calling me “love” in an attempt to mask her passive aggression.), and after I received that text message, I calmly asked if I could cancel, and my distributor told me to call customer service. I called customer service, and they tried to charge me a $50 membership fee in order for me to cancel my 90 day hair challenge. The customer service rep, with whom I spoke, was really nice, and she asked if my distributor explained this to me, and I was very annoyed. (I obviously kept my composure while on the phone, as my frustration was not with the customer service rep.

She was only doing her job.) Then, today, they took my second payment out of my account about three weeks early without notifying me that they’ve taken my second payment, which was scheduled to come out of my account NEXT MONTH! I definitely have a couple of suggestions for this company. I think that the distributors should have to go through customer service training of some sort once hired, and I also think that the company should rethink its guidelines for 90 day challenges, and allow customers to cancel IF AND ONLY IF there has been an issue with the distributor, that way, it gives the distributors an incentive to improve their competence in customer service.

Bonus suggestion, please notify your customers before you charge to their account. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Distributor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Mentioned in my review.

It Works Pros: Products give energy and better health.

It Works Cons: Horrible & no customer service, Distributor customer service.

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