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Gives anxiety and makes me sick

Monetary Loss: $86.

Preferred solution: Cancel reoccurring payments.

It Works Pros: No pros.

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Cancel card. I would like to add that the FTC needs to look into this company greatly.

Distributors claiming a rank and pay that they lost. They need to be upfront in their statuses saying hey, I would like to reclaim a rank that I lost, please order from me with mentioning the loyal agreement! They are also putting in orders for their customers so customers don’t see the loyal agreement and they are screwed! Ambassadors that lost rank and went down to double claiming $33,000 monthly but their little one in the beginning of their paycheck states otherwise.

I hate when also people claim $10,000 monthly pay but yet if you look at their statuses, they earned two reload bonus in the tune of 6,000$. Reload bonuses start at the diamond level so if you get two, that tells everyone you got to a rank you been claiming to have for weeks and months. Stop giving this company slap on the wrists just because they give to charities and shut them down. I see distributors acting friendly towards distributors but when they are no longer making them a paycheck by joining a different company, they unfollow and probably block because so scared of their down lines seeing different companies they may want to be a part of.

I’m not even a distributor and I see it with my own eyes. So many distributors are getting “Instagram and Facebook jail” by spamming and harassing people. That’s NOT the way to do business. Oh, let me not even get started on the cash giveaways during promotion period.

This is a tactic to drive into their narrative for a promotion and not really caring about you. Only do giveaways when it benefits them and that should be illegal! What’s up with the product recycling claiming more and more stuff in it just to scam people into buying the same product they have been buying already just to dive into their customers pockets!? What is a 2018 income disclosure going to do?

They need a 2019 one up. That was two years ago and we saw almost every distributor lose rank so business isn’t going as great as they say if people are losing their ranks. Taking advantage of people in this time by forcing you to buy a product to order hand sanitizer with zero alcohol? That benefits no one but they think “oh, people are so desperate they will buy anyway”.

Like get out of here.

The income exaggerations are out of this world and the FTC needs to look into distributors accounts, mostly, doubles, triples, presidentials, and ambassadors match up to their back office. If you claim 125,000 more volume from last month, your back office needs to verify that claim.


Let me not even get started with having to appear on abc with your logo on someone’s pants. You would not need to enlist the help of celebrities if business is thriving.

It’s sad they don’t see behind the scenes and only the people who previous promoted for them and people who follow current promoters, do. ** note all this is true and I was not paid or an envious ex distributor, I am solely an account holder on Instagram and Facebook that sees the unethical stuff going on and get terrified of all the messages I get to join or buy**

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