Fat buster gave me abdominal cramps every time I took it plus it says not to take it within 2-3 hours of taking prescription medicine so I stopped using it and when I did use it, I didn't lose ANY weight. The eye and lip cream, I've been using for two weeks straight, morning and night only on one side of my face and there is absolutely no difference on the side I used it on and the side I didn't use it on, so this stuff doesn't work.

It's no wonder this company locks you into auto pay for three months or a $50 fee because otherwise, they would have no customers once people realize this company is a scam!

Quite frankly, most of the people I've seen posting about what a good job this company does, especially on the wraps are all distributors selling the products so of course they are going to brag about it.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

It Works Cons: False advertising.

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

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The product you are referring to is Fat Fighter. Not Fat Buster.

And they're not for initial weight loss. You were ill informed.


Whatever...they didn't work and I'm not the only person who thinks this.


well first off if your going to criticize something you don't understand, don't look like such a ***, they are called fat fighters not fat busters, so theres your first dum *** mistake, second we have thousands of customers who love our products, so your tiny little opinion doesn't matter, oh and by the way since your being an *** and all, did it ever occur to you that your *** ALLERGIC TO THE FAT FIGHTERS AND THATS WHY YOU HAD PROBLEMS! cant blame someone else for your allergies, and the lip and eye works your just used it wrong, gets your facts straight before you go complaining.


This isn't rocket science. Fast Buster, Fat Fighter, whatever.

Apparently you knew what I was referring to. It doesn't take rocket science to use the lip and eye stuff either and I'm not allergic to the Fatfighter. I'll complain on here all day if I feel like complaining. I don't appreciate paying for garbage that doesn't do what it says it will do.

Considering all the bad reviews I've seen on the Internet about this company, it's most likely all garbage. The only people I've EVER heard bragging on the products are the *** who sell it and they're in it for the money. I'd guess you are probably one of them.

You didn't even have the guts to use your name. If your IQ equals your language, that would explain it.

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