This peel gave an allergic reaction: redness, swelling in the face, bumps. This is not a product I would EVER recommend to anyone!

This was used exactly how it was suppose to be used. This picture is three hours after the peel came off.

Benadryl had to be take in hopes of the swelling to at least come down a little bit.

Do not use, do not use, do not use, do not use, do not use, do not use, do not use.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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A product like this really has to he used with care, I have rosacea and I'm really sensitive to a lot of different products. I used the face mask with NO problem but im too scared to use the exfoliating peel because of my sensitive skin.


I just had the same reaction. My skin rarely reacts to face masks or scrubs.

I've tried pretty much all of them.

This is a total miss for me and now I'm googling others with the same issue. I took a Benedryl as well, it looks like a bad sunburn.


I had a bad reaction too , from most of these bashing comments to those of us with terrible reactions I can only surmise it is from the seller !


This was a terrible and harmful product ! I could not leave on more than 4-5 minutes the burning was so bad !

I washing my face with cool water and am still burning !

I have no idea how this will turn out but I am throwing it in the trash ! Will never order from them again !


Did you think that chemically scraping off the top layer of your skin was not going to have any adverse affects?


Wasn't it supposed to be a peel off mask? My IT Works consultant was misinformed.


lol my post keep being deleted


wow i take it u ppl sell these products?!? dont bash ppl just cuz they had a reaction to YOUR products!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe you were allergic to something in the ingredients?? Did you look or ask for ingredients BEFORE deciding to try or purchase?

Typical with anything you buy even In Stores! Like the comment below suggests, just like hair dyes and other products 'patch test'!


I checked the ingredients and I'm not allergic to any of them. You do realize there can be a chemical reaction between ingredients that can cause the reaction as well.

I've used other It Works products and they work perfectly fine. I have zero issue with the company it's just crummy that the product reacted on me.


that is why it is common sense to do a patch test first before using any product. a product may be okay for some but not for others. just sayin


common sense a patch test can still give you the reaction. They do not explain what is in all their product.


Yes they do, you look on the website when purchasing and go to product info.


Sometimes a patch test doesn't react which is super crummy. Mine didn't at all.

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