Cleveland, Tennessee
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Just a scam!! You cannot cancel the subscription without paying 50 dollars.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Subscription.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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I do not know if all the distributors act in bad faith with the consumers or only one that acted with me. Desperate to sell the product.

First I asked people for data such as my card security password and security code. How unreliable. She sent me a link so I bought the product, after making the purchase she told me that I was obliged to buy a product for 3 months if I canceled the purchase. I was obliged to pay 50 dollars.

She desperate to sell did not tell me the conditions of the discount.

I sent an email to the company and I am waiting for the positioning of it. I do not know if the company induces the sellers cheated the consumers or if it was only a person of bad character I will know after the positioning of the company


Must have been a bad distributor. I ALWAYS tell everyone the conditions of the agreement to get the full discount!!

I also let them know if the don’t want to commit but want the cheaper price they can pay a $50 dollar membership fee 1 time. I also let them know that they have to pay that if they cancel before 90 days.

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