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I signed up as a loyal customer with ItWorks in May. Had some great results with the products so I finally jumped on as a distributor. Big mistake.

The friend that sold it to me was very enthusiastic and was apparently, making good money. I'm not sure how true that was, but I bought into it. I was told there were distributors who didn't make any money for months, but now were "rockstars." So I was like, cool, can't wait to earn more money.

Unfortunately, three months later, I have hardly made any money, and I've devoted a significant amount of time to "empty promises," ridiculous "bonuses," and have spent an obscene amount of money just to be "commission qualified."

My friend harassed me about it for weeks, at the same time, my debit card had become compromised, and I had to shut it down and wait for a new one to arrive. she told me to go get a pre-paid card instead - Really? Why would I have done that? I told her, look you're just going to have to wait until I get my card in.

So, onto the sign up...

First, do not let any other distributor tell you that it's only $99 to sign up. It's not. It's $113.00 and your kit takes about 3 weeks to arrive. And, ItWorks miraculously runs out of their mini-defining gels that go with the business kit. They issue you a $20.00 product credit, which is laughable, because there's not one item under $20.00, except for their "fab wrap."

All you have in your kit is one box of wraps to try to sell to people for $25.00 each to make your profit back. On the outside looking in, I wouldn't spend that much on these things. Even if you sell all of them, you're still not making your investment back.

I did get 4 loyal customers within 30 days. Thought I was going to get my $100.00 fast start bonus. Never did. My four loyal customers ended up canceling on me after 45 days because they couldn't afford the products. Heartbreaker, but hey, you can't afford it, I'm not going to pressure you to buy.

Working another several weeks, I realized I couldn't even afford to do my own auto shipment to stay commission qualified.

I recently began to become weary of some of the distributor leaders in my group. Especially, after some of the other distributors in my group told all of us they lost 50 pounds in 4 months on these products. This made me scratch my head because some of them had disclosed a much longer and different time frame to others. In addition, they didn't look like they were in need of losing that much weight. However, when those Facebook "distributor" events come around, these girls put on a show and shorten their time frames. Even then, they are still telling people THEY DIDN'T DIET OR EXERCISE on these products. I did and I lost twice the amount of weight than I normally would have by just dieting and exercise alone. I just couldn't tell people not to diet or not to exercise. That's not me.

I considered myself a responsible distributor, telling people the wraps don't make you lose weight, not to overcrowd products all at one time, and to watch what you eat and exercise 3-5 times a week. However, I've got my "leaders" telling people they don't have to do that. Most of them are in need of exercise.

A couple of things you need to know incase they are "glorified" to you:

I found out the "wrap rewards" expire after a certain amount of time. Wrap rewards give you one box of wraps for $25.00 (normally they are $59.00). Yes, you still have to pay for "rewards."

I found out "Ruby" bonuses are payable over the course of several months - forget that $500 you thought you would see in one commission check… simply not true - read the fine print.

Don't let anyone tell you that if you run an $80 BV shipment, you'll be commission qualified. My "not commission qualified" status didn't disappear until AFTER I reached over $400.00 Mind you, $245 of this was from my own purchase. So that 80/150 BV/PBV is absolute ***. The ItWorks Commission Plan is so convoluted and barely understandable that you wouldn't figure this out, until I did above. You'd keep wondering WHY you weren't commission qualified after running an $80BV shipment.

The girls in your leadership circle can make you scratch your heard - I don't know about them, but I don't like working 24/7, 365 days a year, completely ignoring my family obligations or spending time with my husband, daughter and dog. I hear some of these stories of these women who are my leaders, who have flat out said, they have worked around the clock while their husbands take care of their children and they sit on their phone or computer all day and "Make Money." I can't operate like that. I have to talk to my husband and my daughter. My daughter alone always wants to play and I should be able to do that without the need for my phone in my hand.

Your leaders have their favorites, that is, those distributors making the most money, get the most attention. Pretty much anyone who was diamond and above got showcased on the Facebook events. I think one girl used my photo for losing 20 pounds in 4 months, but she wasn't really part of my upline. My actual diamond leader used her favorites for Facebook events.

The friend that signed me up has attended wrap parties of other distributors and has asked others to go to events. Not me. I have had to do my own thing since day 1. Which is okay, as I wasn't always a fan of a lot of what the distributors were telling me on how to sell the products. It's almost like they wanted you to be deceiving about them. Since I took the products, I knew better. I wasn't going to push something on someone that I had not tried.

Distributors are giving MEDICAL advice. People with real ailments were asking distributors if their products were safe for said ailment. I would never have said yes to anything. My immediate response was "please go check with your doctor as to whether or not you can take this." Especially moms that are breastfeeding, have thyroid issues, IBS, etc. I always encouraged potentials that if they had anything they believed might interfere with their condition, they needed to check the product over with their physician, and I always gave them the product ingredients and information for them to take. I'm a paralegal and I STILL don't give legal advice - even being in the game for 17 years!

The long and short of this post is that unless you are diamond and above, have significant sums of money to start, you're not going to make any money with this company - AT ALL. You're going to quickly realize you're spending way more than you're making. The photo I'm attaching proves it.

What ItWorks won't tell you is that a lot of their "billion dollar" profits are made from the distributors who are working to make their own commission. As stated above, distributors have to haul in $400 in sales per month, to stay commission qualified. You put in $400 of sales to get approximately $24.00 in commission. You have to put out SIGNIFICANT money of your own money to attend events (bridal shows, street fairs, etc.), buy products, etc. to "stay in the game." It's too much. But your "upline" doesn't care all that much. They are still getting paid.

And trying to get other distributors on board with you, forget it. You won't have much success with that either. Again, unless the have significant sums of money to advance into their "business", they'll end up in the same boat as you.

Now, I like the products. I probably should have remained just a loyal customer, but I thought I could get people on board because I felt good and was looking good and I wanted others to feel the same way. Ah well, lesson learned. I'd be very curious about the turnover rate of this company. They won't show you that. They won't show you what amount of money distributors have had to put forth over the course of months or years to be where they are at. I can't afford to put thousands of dollars into something that's making me a profit of $24.00. I don't have that kind of rich lifestyle.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $787.

Preferred solution: I would like the $113.37 back from the purchase of the business kit. .

I liked: Stretchmark, Greens, Thermofit, Defining gel, Cleanser.

I didn't like: New you, False new distributor tactics, Lying to loyal customers, Telling people not to diet or exercise.

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I definitely agree. I have wasted a good 700$ on products no one is buying.

And no one is signing up under me. I have been in for almost a year and I canceled today. I have tried and tried and tried and tried. No one is buying or signing up.

I have had made only 75$ In close to 8 months. And it's not worth it anymore.

to Anonymous #1572291

Hi! I signed up today as a distributor and read this and want to cancel.

Can you help me with figuring out how to opt out please? My email is leyash946@gmail.com SOS

to Anonymous #1601390

How do you cancel?

to Anonymous #1608506

How do you cancel? I should've waited until I was a little more financially stable.

I've decided to go back to school, and can't afford to do this. I just received my kit package thing.


I know exactly what you mean!! I’m currently trying to figure out how I can get out of this business, does anyone know if there is a way?

to Makayla0072018 #1556234

Cancel your esuite autoship!!


I understand frustration, and I'm not diamond or above but you're wrong on some things. It's 150 bv in sales to become commission qualified OR 80 bv personal orders (that's not $80 it will be a little over a order on an exact 80 BV order) if your leader didn't tell you all the fine print then that's on your leader not ALL of us I tell me customers and distributors EVERYTHING before they jump in bc I'm the same way I'd want to know myself.

Sorry you had a bad experience and you have a right to those but each leader is different and how the lead their team.

You don't have to run your website if you aren't making alot of money yet, you don't have to spend$400 monthly if you aren't making $..I'm far from where I want to be and I don't get over my head spending. I'm commission qualified every month and haven't paid out of pocket in months besides what I use myself

to Amanda #1527454

And I forgot, no where does it say you get fast start bonus for getting 4 customers you get a $100 shopping spree and when you sign distributors and they get 2 customers you get fsb!


You are very wrong on a lot of your “issues” this is very Wrong to post to make people scared YOU did not put the right efforts forth.1. You don’t get a fast start bonus for getting 4 customers you get a shopping spree2.

80 BV autoship is NOT $80 is it approx $1503. You don’t NEED to run an autoship to be commission qualified you sell a couple products under you and you are commission qualified off 150PV4. ANY BUSINESS YOU HAVE TO KEEP WORKING TO MAKE MONEY. KEEP GAINING CLIENTS .

how much do you think Walmart makes when you buy bread ? NOT MUCH but they need you to keep coming back .5. I have been in the company for 3 months and my first check was $30Since then I have made $500 in commission every month + Aprox $300 in bonus per month6. No one should ever say the wraps make you lose weight .

Your not doing anyone a favour by saying that. That IS HOW IT IS. They are NOT a weightloss product . They are to tighten tone and firm that is ALL .7.

The way you market has a lot to do with how well you will do. You need to attract an audience and for some people this takes time . Things don’t happen over night. You will not succeed if your trying to sell to the same 200 Instagram friends everyday .

Grow your network. Do your research. Get your facts straight before you post things like this .Sorry if you had to read this negative post.

People get upset when they do not understand or do not succeed. It works is an amazing place to work and is listed on many direct selling news websites and even forbs magazine as top places to work in direct selling !Tootaloo !

to ItWorks distributor 222 #1498916

The fact is that all of these MLM companies are a scam. 99% of people lose money.

This isn’t a made up number or taken from some independent study. This number came from the FTC.

You people continue to defend the company you work for and claim again and again that your company is different but it isn’t. Anyone who does a few minutes of research can see that!

to Itdoesntwork #1576025

I get that your mad that it didn't work for you and it may not be for everyone. I started it works over a year ago and quit at the one year mark because I had the same mindset like you.

I complained that it didn't work and that its a scam and so on. I then started researching (I mean a ton) on people who have succeed in these companies and why people fail. But I had to be unbiased to the info and look at both sides with an open mind. I found that the people who succeed greatly had formulas and consistency they did.

They were amazing leaders to their down line and teaching them the steps they needed. They also were very strong minded people and the people who failed were stuck in their ways, didn't really believe it could work for them deep down, and gave up quickly. What both groups had in common was the fact they all dealt with some sort of failure, but the group that failed quit when the group that succeed kept going with the same excitement they started with. Its not easy and yet it some ways it is really easy when you can think outside the box and learn.

I rejoined and finally made $500 my 2nd month in. Much different from my first time making $50 in that one year.


Wow??? How long did you try Itworks??

I've been in it over a year now and it's changed my life!

I've been able to earn over $400 a month and many $100 bonuses! You should not post stuff like this to deter people simply because you didn't succeed!

to Anonymous #1462990

I agree 100% with you!! I love this company I love the products I love this business and I LOVE my team!!

I got my $100 shopping spree in my first week! I have made over $400 in fast starts and have many more to come I’ve already got a fit 30 from my fit coins I can go on!

Definitely don’t think people should try to deter others thoughts because what didn’t work for some one else may work actually very well for the next! You just don’t know until you Try!

to Gina #1462993


Jessie Snyder
to Gina #1487392

You just don't know til you try! LOL that means you should ignore all of the warning signs and take a gamble on a company with hundreds of bad reviews online.

DON'T TAKE A CHANCE WITH YOUR MONEY!!People who are involved in MLM companies will say anything to keep people signing up. The numbers released by the company don't lie.. so anyone who is reading this just look up It Works Income Disclosure Statement.

Make sure you don't accidentally click on someone's Facebook post or some random blog.. it should be on a REAL website or even a news article that is not associated with the company.

to Jessie Snyder #1572874

This^^^ It really is as simple as reading the company's annual income disclosure statement. It is right there in black and white, yet so many people continue to believe the lie.

It is scary really! Almost cult-like!

to Anonymous #1498289

You know what they can if they want. Who are you to say they can't.

This company is a joke and all the above.

So stop being a jerk face about it. And mind your own business.

to Anonymous #1498293

If it works for you great. But if it doesn't work for others then they will post about it.

Lufkin, Texas, United States #1226150

When you sign four Lc's you become fast start qualified. You don't receive a $100 bonus.

The dt that signed you gets the 100$. That is why they push so hard to get you fast start qualified! I tonspent a lot of money to never make any money and busted my ***!

Scam. All of it!

Belfair, Washington, United States #1224225

I feel that this post was clear, simple, and direct. She had something to say and did so in a way that it was discrete and backed up with legitimate facts about the enrollment process.

Active WA state It Works Distributor.

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