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I have ordered product in april was not told they take money out automatically from my account I sent the product back in june 1 I still have not got my money back it did not work and the consultant was not professional and I have tried calling emailing have not got a response back very disgusted with this experience

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

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They don't answer complaints over on this site, go file one over on the Better Business Bureau, ItWorks does answer them all over there. Actually, there's over 500 complaints and a lot are about this exact same issues.

Furthermore, the BBB has a red alert up about this company because of these practices, along with the warning they got 2 months ago from the FTC. Reps are told to lie about the autoship because they know if they tell them, people won't order. hence, why they insist on placing the order for you vs letting you go to their website. You might read about the autoship and they wouldn't want that, Anyways, definitely gonfile a complaint there because you'll get your money back since you sent it back.

And also, domotnquicl because you'll end up with another charge again next month, then you'll have tomoay to send it back as well. And in the future, don't buy from anyone in these MLM companies, because most have an autoship and most refuse to tell you that.

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