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As of this date Nov 19th, It Works has done the right thing by me and is resending my package.I resubmitted a lost package form with the help of one of their representatives Kathleen who is such an angel.

She was compassionate and understanding and helped me in every way she could.I am grateful to her because IT Works has finally done the right thing by making me a satisfied customer. As for the P.O, I don't know what will happen, they sent me an email saying they will investigate what happened to my package but I believe the mail person delivered it to the wrong address.Anyway I am pleased with IT Works redelivering my package and hope that this mishap never happens to me ever again

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I signed up with another distributor after using the it works for 3 months and I liked the HSN vitamins. I never had a issue with the P.O getting my packages to me until recently. A package was said to be delivered to me on the 14th of Nov. so I met the mail girl when she approached my home. She had no package in her hand for me, but according to the tracking no# my package was delivered on this day. I contacted IT WORKS and they had me fill out a lost package form , I filled the form out with the case no# that was provided to me from the P.O. and told them what the P.O told me which was because the package was not insured I could not get a refund from them. IT WORKS sends me an email the following day saying:

Thank you for contacting us! We’re sorry to hear you did not receive your order. We value you and look for opportunities to assist you. Unfortunately, the carrier investigation results on your lost order claim did not provide the information required to process your claim. Please contact the carrier to seek assistance in locating your package. If you and the carrier cannot find your package, please resubmit a lost order claim form at http://www.myitworks.com/contactus/ and include the final disposition of the investigation. We look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a great day!

Now what info did I not include. I gave them a case no# and told them what a P.O rep told me. question??? If I really got this package would I file a complaint with the P.O. and NO the package was not stolen from my home because I met the mail person at my door and she did not have a package in her hand. so WHY not replace my order or refund my money??? Anyway I am disgusted and want nothing further to do with this company. I am out 67 plus I have contacted my credit card company hoping they get IT WORKS to refund or send out a new package but I doubt that that will be sucessful. I just want to share my story so that others are aware of how IT WORKS values their customers. Beware if your package doesn't get to you , IT WORKS does not care.

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $67.

Location: Orange, New Jersey

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You really need to be going to USPS to replace your item; it is not It Works fault your package was delivered to the wrong person.


My sister is dealing with the same exact issue! She moved and forwarded her address.

All other mail gets moved, no problem but this package for her wraps was dropped off at the door of the OLD address on 12/23. Customer service won't help her and she's out nearly $200!


I want to know how they think they are establing a working contract with people when the people are told: just hook your order up automatically to your checking account for 3-months; then, you can qualify as a dealer and buy at better prices.......then, 3 months later the woman on the phone trys to tell you that "you cant cancel".....Excuse me-I'm outta here!


You must not be communicating your needs correctly! When I signed up three months ago with autoship I purchased 4 items: Hair Skin Nails, Facial, Ultimate Body Applicator and Defining Gel.

I chose the autoship membership so I could get the lowest price on the items. Before my second shipment I decided that the only item I wanted on auto-ship was the Hair Skin Nails. I called Customer Service and stated my needs, and the on the second month I was only charged for the Hair Skin Nails; a week after payment was debited from my credit card, I received it in the mail. You can log into your account at any time and change or update any or all information; as well as, CANCEL your shipments/account.

And I am not a dealer, I am strictly a customer. If you don't like a product, just say so; don't make up stories or excuses because someone didn't hold your hand and spoon feed you with your membership!


It was your sister's responsibility to update her new address with It Works! or She could've put a Hold on her mail and pick up all mail at the post office until she was settled in her new home. Typically packages are not auto-forwarded to a forwarding address

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