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Today I tried to reach someone but no answer n the phone number does not work

Preferred solution: Cancel order.

It Works Pros: Idk.

It Works Cons: Idk, Customer service.

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Cancel your card can’t say it enough or put a stop payment for PayPal, if used. To It Works!

It’s a shame your Ambassador and top earner in the name of Ashleigh Mayfield made a joke out of the warning from the FTC by putting in her story, put a 2 and a 0 and another 0 and another 0 which equals 2000 obviously. They are making a joke of the warning and it’s disgusting. They were told to use the recent IDS but yet Sheyenne Knox, posted the 2016 one today. I got like 30 screenshots of unethical business practices I would disclose if I could.

Also, all this reviews are legit because I got screenshots and screenshots of Jade Hs downline putting in their customer orders for them so they won’t know about the $50 fee, so I agree with all these people claiming they didn’t know about the $50 fee. Ask all these people if they put in their orders themselves or if their distributors did and you’ll see the alarming truth.

This is been going on for years and should immediately stop/no longer be in practice. It’s a shame it was brought up a few days ago when this been going on for years and having your distributors make a joke out of the warnings like It Works will never get shut down, is also gross thinking .

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