from start to 3 weeks later all the girl did was sign me up and throw me links to learn the products she new I was broke but bullshited until I signed up after that threw me a couple of local customers that only benefit her rating... I was on my own with these links...

when struggled I was advised to go to help groups on facebook and I vented with no help or advise?? great help so I clueless on product and no one want to pay without knowing what they do... great here how bout I send my customers a link... business ethics suck I was told they have the best support network load of horse ***!!

I'm pretty upset that I fell for this as a home business the girl also new I only used my facebook profile for person friends and family but told to do business I need to advertise on there spamming constantly.. like she did and ad anyone ..that's how you build business.. well that's not on so I created a group and she said my 63 people wasn't enough ...

forced sales on people when you don't even know anything more then a link to provide and venting gets you deleted on help support on facebook and only people that benefit is higher rackies that have the money to pour into this business to get it goin.. ive very upset I fell for it and wish for other to know so it stops happening!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Distributor.

Reason of review: bad business ethics.

It Works Cons: Business is ine big and needs to be stoped.

Store Location: Brisbane, Queensland

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this happened to me. my town has 1 factory and people dont have the money to buy it.

i like 3 specific products but my enroller was not helpful. then when i got out of it she said i was quitting on my family and other nonsense. i want to buy the products but i dont want my money to benefit her and all of her video links of her boss only saying how excited they are. not teaching anything.

and spamming people on my personal facebook is not cool. so i would just post interesting things about products and she would write me to message her . spamming is not good business. i didnt quit my family i saved it by getting out of it.

who says that?

someone who only cares about making money off people and not whether they can actually afford it or not. so i buy it off ebay.


I cannot imagine why anyone messes with this pyramid / mlm malarkey...


Sorry to hear of this experience! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have!

I was blessed to join an amazing team, and would love to offer any advice to help you see huge success with this company! It does take some time, and the key is to find a way to sell that works for you!

Again, feel free to contact me with any questions! Best of luck!


Can you give advice for a distributor that's been doing for a year it's going slow for me.


The only people I know of making money off of this are at the top of the pyramid.


I am sorry you had such a poor experience. I just started 2 months ago and my team are AMAZING!

It sounds like the girl who signed you up failed you. Many teams are not like that. The team I am on are from US and we are big Christ Warriors.

If you change your mind and are looking for a team that support each other, answer questions and help change lives, let me know. Don't judge the company as a whole based on one person that doesn't know how to manage.


Amy Sillito

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