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After purchasing the body wrap and enrolling on the loyal member bla-bla-bla, for personnal reasons I had to cancel the membership program and wanted to return the product that was I did not open or use. I was not informed at the time of purchased that the promotiom (buy 1 get 2 packs) wad not refundable, AND if canelled the membership, a $50 fee is charged, again, not be informed will give a "I apologize madam, for the incovenience" and thats it! ITS A SCHEME!! DONT GET FOOLED! Have not tried the product, and never will. The company wants your money no matter what! What the Loyalty customer is that if the company is not loyal to the customer? Again, DO NOT ENROLL, DONT GET FOOLED BUT THIS BS! I just lost $68 dollars, and my friend will be ripped off in $50 dollars just because she sold me the product. WHAT IS THAT?? What kind of company does such thing with their "loyal customers" and distributors??? Before you buy its product, I rightly recommend you look first for the reviews. A part for taking your money and give you a *** customer service, the product DOES NOT WORK! BE AWARE!!

Eugenia Costani

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Location: Monterey, California

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Why will your friend pay $50? I don't get it.

I bought the wraps from a girl I used to go to high school with. They had the bogo deal. I payed the same amount as you. For me it was going to be a one time purchase to try them out but the distributor never explained about the montly auto shipments nor the $50 cancellation fee.

When I received the 1st email informing me about the auto shipment I immediately contacted her and ask her to cancel but after informing me about the $50 cancellation fee I told her to just leave it alone. At that point I was supper pist. Ingrid thing I told my sister about it.

She advice me to cancel my card and I did. Long story short, after my card was decline the girl block me on social media.

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