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Yes, I should have read the terms and conditions more carefully, my daughter wanted to try it so I went ahead and signed her up. She changed her mind after 1 shipment, wanted to return the second.

But as a "loyal customer" you MUST pay for 3 shipments AND a membership fee to cancel. So you can't return the stuff even if you don't like it. AND you can't proactively cancel, you have to do it online after the 3 shipments have gone out. This is the practice of a snake oil salesman that doesn't stand behind their product or business practices.

In this day and age, every business has SOME kind of satisfaction or out clause for the consumer. not these people.

And when I called to cancel, the person handling my call was clearly reading from a script and wasn't concerned that I was not happy. She just kept "informing" me that I can't cancel and my return was coming back to me.

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