El Paso, Texas

I would like to submit a bad customer review for an itworks seller. I was told by her that I would receive an email from her with additional instructions to maximize my wrap usage.

I waited and waited and didn't receive anything. I contacted her via Instagram and she said she would resend. Again I received nothing so I contacted her once more and she ignored my messages until I posted on an actual picture (the communication before had been via DM in Instagram) and she immediately replied via DM and later deleted my comment from her picture. She said that she has a life and had no time to send my email.

As a paying customer, I expected to receive much better service and not a rant about having a life. The itWorks sellers are so enthusiastic about selling their product until they actually sell it. Then it's all over with the enthusiasm to respond to their customers. Your company is a scam!

I will be sure to mention her name and itworks in general to everyone who believes in them. You guys are an MLM company what could I have expected right?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have no connection with It Works. I'm investigating it because I was approached about it. However I don't think it is right to slam the company as a whole and all distributors because of one person with poor business skills.


this is a complete scam company. it isn't just one person complaining about it. Apparently you haven't read that many reviews about this company.


Lots of the distributors have poor business skills. Many of them are deceitful. And since the company does nothing to rectified customer's bad experiences, then the company is at fault.


It is perfectly fine to slam a company for having bad distributors. And this company has a lot of them.

Companies on the up-n-up will make amends when a sells person hasn't been completely honest with a customer. This company rarely does. Companies are ultimately responsible for it's distributors and products.

It Works always blames the customer. It's all a scam.

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