I have tried numerous times to cancel my autoshipment. Here are the numbers below, none of them will allow you to get to an actual person, who will cancel your credit card from being charged.

United States

Phone: (941) 348-6650 T

Loyal Customer Toll Free:1-800-537-2395 This number,

Distributor Only Toll Free: 1-800-581-5469

Field Support / Orders: (941) 348-6650

None of these work!!

They are taking my money and i cant stop it! They all claim their volume of calls is "Too High" right now and to call back, but this has been the case for at least 2 months now, every day i call and cannot reach anyone. How do you stop them from taking your money???

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $98.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

It Works Cons: How they have control over your money, Because you cant reach anyone to stop it.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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If you gave your credit/debit card, report your card lost to your bank. That will stop from charging your card. If you gave your bank account info, the only solution is to close it.


buy a prepaid card if there is ever a next time next time then the jokes on them lol but for now cancel your card! contact your bank...


When you were signed up you should've received a website for YOU to be able to edit, put on hold or cancel your autoshipment. If you did not get that, you need to contact your distributor and have them do a Support Ticket to cancel it.

Also check your email, because the company sends emails every month when they are shipping, when it has shipped and when you are charged. I'm sorry you have had a problem with the customer service, I hope you can get your issues taken care of.


Contact your distributor, I don't know what she did, but she somehow managed to get it canceled out for me. I was going through the same scenario as you.


Log in to your account and cancel it. You have control of your auto-ships and can cancel anytime. I agree calling is horrible wait times, but you can also submit a ticket.


Call the better business bureau and see what can be done.


Cancel your card and get a new one!


Cancel the card they are using, they can't charge an old number.


Call your bank and tell them you do not want to allow that vendor to charge your account any longer.

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