Salt Lake City, Utah
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I ordered a box of wraps from a rep and gave her my credit card over the phone. On 9/10 I get an auto shipment noticed.

I called customer service and told them to cancel as I never authorized that. They told me they would charge me $50 and to contact the rep.

The rep said she was sorry for not explaining it but I would be charged $50 but I could get a cheaper product so I told which product I wanted and she still sent the one that was more $. They have ripped me off and I am attempting to dispute it with the credit card company and the product does not work!

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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The same EXACT thing happened to me! EXACT THING.

It-works overdrew my account and left me with a - balance because I was NEVER EVER told about some autoshipment that would automatically take money from me... I finished the "3 month thing" by getting the cheapest thing shipped and am canceling asap but have to wait until 3 months is up or they will charge me the early cancellation fee of $50.


As a former distributor, I always told people about that upfront. A lot of them were immediately turned off about the loyal customer program because of it.

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