okay for real people all of you *** and complaining about something you don't understand, GROW UP.. first off, the products work, plain and simple, you just have to use them correctly, and second, the reason you have to do 3 months or pay 50 membership is because getting a 40 percent discount is a privlaige and quit frankly none of you deserve it, think of it this way, young living and thrive and all those *** companies oh and mary kay, they all make you become a distributor if you want a discount, and seriously they are way more expensive than it works, honestly if you cant afford it works products, get off your lazy *** and get a job , cuz we are so cheap any one can afford it and if you use it properly it works, do not blame the company for you getting mixed up with a bad distributor who obviously didn't know her ***, think about it , why would they be a trillion dollar company If the product didn't work, ??? honestly we have more customers that love the product than there are complainers on here, just grow uo and freaken get over yourselves and use another distributor who will explain to you about the 90 day challenge, good lord !your all so dumb.

Reason of review: Good quality.

It Works Pros: I love it works through and through.

Location: Washington, District Of Columbia

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Your maturity level shows with your horrible grammar. Are all It Works employees so uneducated?


And there ya have it folks, these are the types of people they bring into their pyramid scheme. Had to laugh when she called them lazy and to get up of their *** and get a job. This coming from someone who sits on her *** all day spamming people's inboxes trying to shill her predatory MLM products.


What are you smoking? A trillion dollar company, I don't think so!


I have read many complaints concerning the $50 of which is the neglect of the individual who signed them up to inform them of all the information. These distributors need to tell their potential customers that if they fail to stay on the autoship for the first three months that they will be charged the $50.

They also offer an incentive to loyal customers of free shipping after the first three months . Distributors have to pay shipping on all their orders. You may change the item each month you receive. I know the greens work.

I'm not a fan of the wraps as they didn't work well for me but did for many people I know. Its all in who your distributor is and the team of which you join.


That was really smart. Calling people dumb for sharing their thoughts or experiences.

It works for some not all. If you were any kind of business person you would know and accept that.


You are an ***. Get an education and stop selling sham products.

Also, stop calling customers idiots. Its sales 101...good lord.


being I just signed up as a distributor and to read your comment makes all of us look bad. That is not professional at all and it makes you look really bad along with it works.


I think I literally lost IQ points reading your post yet you're calling people dumb ! You're the epitome of a hypocrite!


Your just as ignorant as the people you work for, there is a policy we get that but people are human and make mistakes, I believe that's what happened with my rep and the c.s. who enrolled me over the phone...

What's terrible is the poor c.s. if it's a trillion dollar company it seems they would have something set aside to make sure customers are happy instead of a.. I'm sorry you still have to pay and we don't care attitude. A you are wrong and we are right attitude.

For me even if I didn't want to do an auto shipment I still may have wanted to check into being a distributer but who wants to distribute for a company with poor customer service?

The other company's you mentioned are not more expensive and they're enrollment is cheaper, there is no deception and the customer service is impeccable. Its works is a money hungry company and that's all they will be.


Who ever wrote this .. Right absolutely right. I had a problem it is because I used it before the time I was supposed to.


i was thinking about trying relief. After this review I have changed my mind.

You shouldn't have to swear and belittle people for the results they didn't get they are giving their review.

If you were a professional you would take that with a grain of salt and move on and continue to "educate" people about your "amazing product" in reality they really are kind of expensive for the average person for the little amount that you get. I do hope you rethink your business strategy because this will not get you very far.



My husband takes the Relief supplements he loves them.

But , I will tell you if you are allergic to shellfish you CANNOT take this product.

Have a beautiful day.


Wow. I am looking at reviews and your post just made every distributor and the company look bad.

I am thinking about buying products and quite frankly after reading the reviews, especially yours have made me not want to get involved with this company at all.

Very strange to have people like you representing them. WTH?


Wow! I'm a distributor and im disqusted at how you just made yourself and the company look.

I've been waiting days to talk to someone from customer service and they show no compassion or even an effort to fix a small issue. I was directed to this page and was reading through some of the issues.

For one, not everything that works for me will work for you, and two you are correct, if not used correctly the results will be different than if it was used properly, but that doesn't mean you cuss and call people names! That's childish.


Whoever you are, you need a lesson in written communications. Run on sentences throughout your diatribe.

People can share their grievances as much as you may share praises. Being nasty makes you small and insignificant.


You are calling the consumers out on their reviews about the product using extremely derogatory language, arrogance and blatant disrespect. "Your all so dumb"???

First of all, if you are going to be calling people dumb, one would hope you would use the correct grammar. Also, you mention "we are so cheap" and "we have more customers that love the...", therefore leading me to assume you are a distributer for this company. I imagine the bosses of this company are unaware that you are slandering their consumers online. Not only is your comment COMPLETELY offside, but you have the audacity to tell people not to blame the company for a bad distributor?

Did you read over your comment before hitting the done button? I would NEVER purchase a product from a distributor such as yourself. Distributors like you tend to push consumers away from purchasing the product even if it does work. You quite clearly lack consumer distribution knowledge.

These reviews should be educational for yourself so that you know some of the adverse affects of the product. Every person is different. This product may work amazing for a lot of people, but it won't work for everyone. That is not the consumers fault, nor is it the distributors, each person will react differently.

The reviews on this product (negative or not) should benefit you so that when a consumer has a reaction, you can tell them that it is a normal reaction to have. There is, nor ever will be a time that it will be okay for you to tell people to grow up, get a job, quit being lazy, quit complaining etc. This site is used for consumers wanting honest opinions on the products before they purchase them.

You and your biased opinion can take a hike. Chow for now to the distributor of the year!!!!


Perfect representation of ITWORKS. Not only are you rude, but you're dumb as a rock.

Nice spelling and grammar.

Maybe It works should come out with a product that improves brain function.

... except that it would be from It Works, which has bogus products with NO scientific backing so it wouldn't work.

Have fun being friendless and illiterate!


Because they are *** artist! They manipulate people to become manipulators for them!

If the wraps actually worked you wouldn't have to continue to buy them over and over again! All you lose is water weight that comes right back once you stop using them. Which is why they don't work if you drink alcohol or are on your period! Sorry you drank the kool-aid but you should leave your friends and family alone.

I'm sure they are sick of hearing your IT Works ***. Just ask them to give you money and save them the frustration of being disappointed.


Clearly, you know nothing about MLM scams. Maybe you should focus on your grammar and spelling instead of pawning off some product on people.


You are a disgrace as a representative of a company. How can you call anyone dumb when you cannot even spell?

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