I decided to try the wrap products as the "90-day challenge" because I was curious about them and it seemed like there were a lot of good results from people. They didn't seem to work for me, and when I went to cancel the auto-shipments (which the distributor said I could do anytime when I signed up) I was made aware of the $50 cancellation ("membership?") fee.

I was clear with my question but the distributor never told me about that fee, and it wasn't anywhere when I first signed up and paid. I was really mad! I still ended up cancelling and paying the fee because I just wanted out of dealing with them. So they got some of my money in the end sadly.

I tried to talk to the distributor about it, but she just said that I should have known about the fee. I think calling it a 90-day challenge is pretty deceiving, you're just locked in to paying for the product for 3 months.

I wouldn't recommend this company based on my first (and will be the only) experience. Plus I find all the network marketing "freedom" stuff a bit weird....

Product or Service Mentioned: It Works Body Wrap.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $140.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I wish I would’ve read this review prior to signing up for the 90 day challenge. I was not made aware that it was a membership and that there would be a cancellation fee. ItWorks is all a big scam and a pyramid scheme.


Sorry to hear that. It is not the company's fault that your distributor failed to inform you of the cancellation fee.

Also, it is written on the website about the fee.

Don't blame the company for your mistake. IJS


It doesn't work at all. They know how to chopped your money.

I try to cancel my order and they where upset I told the that *** thing doesn't work for me . I try 6 of the wrap and nothing. I was drinking water and eating healthy no way. Now that I walk I'm losing more than when I was using the wrap.

Now what works better and fast is when you put menthol and wrapped with the food wrap ufff.

100% better and cheap and faster.


Rip off, don't waste your money my distributer was rude and product dosent work at all


I had a similar experience with It Works recently. I decided to try the hair, skin, and nail vitamin under what I was told was a 3 month "product tester" promotion.

I received 2 shipments in the mail when I decided to cancel because realized the product was causing my face to break out. I contacted my distributor to cancel, and she informed me that I had 2 options:1. cancel, and pay the $50 membership cancellation fee (mind you, I didn't realize I had a membership) 2. order a different product.

After hearing this, I decided to log into the website to try to cancel on my own. When I attempted to cancel, it said that I couldn't because I had not "fulfilled my agreement". Then I attempted to simply remove my credit card information from their system, I could not do this either for the same reason. At this point, I was highly upset and frustrated because I felt deceived.

I was never told that I was locked in and could not cancel prior to 3 months. I decided that I would never again do business with It Works.

I called my credit card company, asked them to deactivate my credit card, and send a replacement with a new number. I refuse to be at the mercy of a company like this.


Your review makes me very sad that there are distributors out there not doing the right thing! I'm so sorry for this!

The customer program is set up for three months after which you can cancel the auto ship without any cancel fee. You do not have to buy the same product every month, you can buy anything you want. Also you get 10% credit back on all purchases that you can use on non auto ship orders. The wraps work IF you follow the instructions!

There are VERY important instructions that include thoroughly cleaning the area to be wrapped preferably with a hot shower to open the pores, drink LOTS of water before during and after as staying hydrated helps your body's elasticity and keeps it healthy - the wraps stir up toxins, just like a good massage and you need to flush the toxins to really get the most benefit. This is just a sample of what should have been shared with you by an honest distributor!

Again I'm sorry for your negative experience but I really hope you can see it was a person and not a product problem. If you were my customer I guarantee you would have seen results although how much varies by person.


The above complaint had nothing to do with the wraps. It had to do with hair, skin & nails.

I was interested in the product but refuse to be locked into a membership fee.

Of which non of the promoters discuss while promoting the product. No thanks!

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