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So, for a while I have been trying to lose weight. One of my friends recommended taking these 3 supplements to lose weight, and emphezised on burning calories even when not exercising.

I decided to check it out and purchased the supplements.

Fat fighter/thermoFit and the Greens (orange flavor). My first month nothing happen. The hype was that I would lose at leas 30 pounds in the 90 days. At this point the fat fighter kept on making me feel bloated so, I decided not to take it anymore. I was on a program call "running for weight loss" so, I ran 3 days a week and took the other two supplements. At the end of the 2nd month, I fell good, but there was no weight loss at all.

I tried cancelling the supplements and I couldn't because there is a $50 early cancellation fee. At this point I fell scammed, I posted to the distributor and told her about my situation. Response: "I'm sorry supplements are not working for you, we can get you different supplements if you want" At this point I was already pissed off.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $300.

It Works Cons: False advertising.

Location: Bowie, Maryland

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You're not supposed to take all three supplements around the same time! Usually you will be shipped one product per month and use it for that month.

Thats how you get results. Im sorry your distributor didn't inform you correctly.

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