I am not actually a customer, but someone who was hired by Kami Dempsey and her "dumber than a box of rocks" husband to do a major project for them. In the course of working for them, I learned that the only reason that Kami (a big earner at ItWorks!) makes a ton of money is because her daddy Mark Pendacost (SP?) owns the business and has owned several similar shady businesses in the past.

Instead of marketing, big daddy spends his money making it look like his daughter, as well as his son, and their friends, just happen to make a ton of money selling these products. Actually the inner circle sell to each other to tout high sales numbers. Maybe 1 in 100 of the people they sign up in this little scheme of theirs makes any real money. If you consider that there are no qualifications and anyone willing to hand over money is suddenly a sales person can suddenly sell the product, you have to question the legitimacy of this "business." Actually, there is one qualification, you must be a while Christian to sell ItWorks!

Apparently it doesn't work on any other race creed, color or religion. Beyond this site, there are hundreds, if not thousands of complaints about them in Better Business Bureaus all over the place.

And by the way, after doing a lot of work for them they stiffed me out of half the money I was owed, which was several thousand dollars. They are indeed scammers and *** artists.

Reason of review: Not paid for doing work.

Monetary Loss: $7500.

Preferred solution: I want them to pay me.

Location: South Salem, New York

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