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I ordered a box of wraps from a rep and gave her my credit card over the phone. On 9/10 I get an auto shipment noticed. I called customer service and told them to cancel as I never authorized that. They told me they would charge me $50 and to contact the rep. The rep said she was sorry for not explaining it but I would be charged $50 but I could get a cheaper product so I told which product I wanted and she still sent the one that was more $.... Read more

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  • Sep 21
  • #923119

It works is a fraud and a big rip off.

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I apologize on behalf of other Itworks Direct sales persons and their knowledge of being a Loyal customer with Itworks! Two ways to order retail or loyal customer (save) earn $ BACK AFTER 3 MONTHS AND NO SHIPPING COSTS Loyal Customer Program option you choose to save $ try ANY Itworks product lines for 3 months, Minimum of 1 product each month for 3 consecutive months, for instance order wraps $59 plus tax n shipping,1st month than monitor... Read more

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Scam! They kept trying to take money off my credit card after I told them no. My credit union fraud investigation went after them. Everyone needs to contact BBB to file complaint or contact your States Attorney

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Scam! They sent my order somewhere else and will not correct their error! Therefore I paid for a product I never received and was sent to someone else. It Works, of course, denies this and won't ship my product to me so I filed a complaint with BBB. I've been ordering from them for over 2 years, but my last order they just randomly changed and won't correct this matter. Be careful! You may pay for products that aren't sent to you. Apparently... Read more

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  • Sep 15
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Why don't you people give the money back when your products don't work? I purchased wraps and other products from a distributor and they left town and I called to send back the products but was told that they had to be shipped out of the warehouse to be returned. Thats a bunch of bull! I am out over 500 dollars. What kind of company are you? Do you always rip people off like that?

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All they do is push their products on you. When I finally caved because I was being harassed I purchased the cleanse. It did exactly the opposite they said it would. And when I told the woman who pushed it on me she never responded. Today I tried to cancel because I don't want anything to do with it, they tried to charge me a 50 dollar fee. Total waste of time and junk. Dont ever trust any of these consultants. They are selfish and only care... Read more

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It is a real repoff! The product dont work. The wraps dont tighten the skin or do the *** wonders they claim. Also, you get enemies if you are honest about the product. Dont waste your money Read more

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Tried the product for just about 2 months. Didn't really see any change. The wraps seem to just get rid of water weight so it's not permanent. Also one thing is the pills you take taste absolutely disgusting. I know this will obviously vary in each person, but the smell alone would make me gag and when I was taking them I had to down a gallon of water just to get rid of the taste. Also one more concerning thing is that I still can't find their... Read more

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I tried this product for my friend. Wish i would of never did that! You can get the same hair skin and nails at walmart for 6$ same exact stuff! I told my distrubiter i wouldnt be able to pay for my 2nd month because were moving and i would rather spend 40$ towards my house... she then stated it came out of her account.. you should be able to cancel without paying 50$. ItWorks is A HUGE SCAM!!! DO NOT BUY IT!! UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE MONEY!! Read more

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