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RIP OFF! I ordered the confienza pills in August. I received my first shipment. My second order was supposedly “Delivered” however I never received it. I then was billed for my 3rd shipment and still never received my 2nd order! I contacted my rep and she told me to file a claim online. I did that. They emailed me back stating I needed to “Call the cops” and “Call the post office and File a claim” They will not help me unless I did that first. ... Read more

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I started this product for a friend who needed some help with her business. I started taking them as the directions said and usually within thirty minutes after taking them I would get very nauseous and/or throw it up. I tried it with food, shakes, everything and I would still get sick. The worst part is, I called the company to let them know and that I would be returning my unopened box and wanted a refund, but I would pay for the one I did... Read more

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How to be an It Works Distributor; Post obnoxious pictures of yourself with the products on social media several times a day. Make up stories about how you didn't believe in the company and you lost friends and family members because you sell their products Pressure everyone you know to buy or be a distributor. Pressure complete strangers to buy or be a distributor. When a problem arises with a customer and their order, play dumb so you can... Read more

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But your products off eBay. Much cheaper don't have to go threw customer service.

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Horrible customer service..Senior Supervisor Isac did not want to help and he was extremely rude. I did not receive my order and tracking # recd via email stated "unable to deliver as nobody home and for delivery contact local post office" I called customer service 1-800-537-2395 as no note was left if Fed-Ex attempted to make a delivery and get help to track my package as this happened twice already..Both initial person and so called Senior... Read more

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You can have your bonus taken away? That's awful!! I didn't know that. Ugh! I swear I don't believe the money some people are making!! To sit home in their lounge pants with a baby on their ***!! Ugh!! I hustled and worked my *** off through having my 5 kids! I went to massage school 20 years ago and have worked as once ever since. I guess at least I feel good about helping people who come to me looking for pain relief rather than scoping out... Read more

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Rip off, tried many of their products including their triple threat supplement combo, combined with diet and exercise. I was really apprehensive avout buying to begin with but was sucked into the sales pitch by a family member. I wanted to help her out. Their products are pure junk and full of fillers. After about 6 months of trying products, I had 0 results and about $500 wasted. When you do cancel, you get the guilt trip, then sales pressures... Read more

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I was told about a deal to receive a free box of their wraps, so I jumped on the deal to only find that I had to pay for a box and pay for the shipping of the box I bought and then the one I would receive for free. Then A month or so later I got an email stating that my next order, which I did not authorize, was going to be processed. So I texted the person I was in contact with and asked what this was. She said that I would need to pay for the... Read more

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I started out as a loyal customer, I worked out, I used the products and I had results. I figured once I have seen the results I was skeptical about joining and the lady who got me to join we are somewhat friends from around the same small town in which she doesn't live there anymore. The support was okay, but they wanted you to pretty much quit your job to do this full time. You always had to do a 3-3-3 post everyday and nonstop cold messaging... Read more

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So I allowed a friend of mine to sign me up for it works due to the "Success" both she and her mother have had with it. However, due to my ulcer I had to be careful with it. I saw nothing happening with the products and decided to not go forward with ordering any more. Upon checking my email today, I discovered that she had signed me up for the auto shipments! I called to cancel them and discovered that she had also signed me up for the loyalty... Read more

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